Panasonic 3DA1 International Promotional Piece

Client: Panasonic Hollywood Labs
Title: Panasonic 3DA1 International Promotional Piece                                                  
Director: Fernando Apodaca
Producer: Jason Mueller / Michael Page
Production Company: Fernando Apodaca Art / Type3Films in association with Michael Page / 3DStereolab

Panasonic Hollywood Labs hired Fernando Apodaca to direct a camera test featuring the creative possibilities of the unreleased Panasonic 3DA1 camera prototype for international promotional use. He accomplished this with his partner in Type3Films, Jason Mueller (Producer/Editor) and Michael Page (Executive Producer) of 3DStereolab. This piece documents experimental vignettes of sea life from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, world aerial acrobatics champion Tatyana Petruk and fire performer Ryan Parks.

Full Credits: (Update In Progress)