Amazon Series

Amazon Series
Medium: Pastel, Ink, Pencil, Chalk on Paper
9″ x 7″

In the spring of 2003, Fernando traveled to the Ecuadorian coast where he took a fifty-two hour bus ride into the Peruvian Amazon. As mysterious as it is essential to the very ethos of South America, the Amazon River has captivated artists, writers, and adventurers with its infinite sensory experiences. Fernando immersed himself in the unique environment, examined the shapes and colors that caught his eye during one of his many excursions, and created these highly textured paintings.

“There are places that make you more aware…vulnerable. While a leopard and an anaconda roamed close by, I ate bananas more delicious than ice cream, observed brilliant green vipers slithering in peace, played music and danced with the most beautiful tribe of families, took canoe rides above piranhas, bathed at night with curious crocodiles, discovered tarantulas nestled in their homes, felt ants that stung like bullets, listened to chirping frogs, while mesmerized by the most otherworldly and surreal plant formations.” – Fernando Apodaca

Collection of Gina and Jeff Sears

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