Anorexic Horny Girl / Apodaca

Anorexic Horny Girl
Medium: Charcoal on Linoleum
11″ x 15″

After returning from Hog Ranch in Kenya, Fernando met with Peter Beard who gave him photographs of this model. Working on a piece of linoleum from his trip, he sketched her with charcoal, a razor blade and golf tee. Her elongated form echoes that of a giraffe.

“The giraffe is so much a lady that one refrains from thinking of her legs, but remembers her so floating over the plains in long garbs, draperies of morning mist and mirage.” -Karen Blixen

Fighting Zebras / Apodaca

Fighting Zebras
Medium: Hair on Italian Plaster, Wood
70″ x 48″

In 2002, Fernando was invited to Africa to work on a series of paintings. One evening, he ventured into a field and sat amongst two zebras with his canvas, conditioner, and a bag of his own hair. Covered in flies and drawing dangerously close to the animals, he realized it was not a good idea. Fernando returned to the safety of his home with a National Geographic in hand and completed his monumental work, exhausting his entire hair supply in the process.

Samburu Warrior / Apodaca

Samburu Warrior
Medium: Ink, Charcoal, Pencil on Linoleum
11″ x 15″

At a river’s edge in Kenya, Fernando sketched this Samburu warrior.

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