MODRA Style / Vogue Taiwan

Fernando co-founded the textile companies MODRA Studio and MODRA Style, with the “Obsidian” scarf from the 2016 collection recently featured in VOGUE Taiwan. This scarf’s playful obsidian gestures, nestled in an atmosphere of grey and cream, evoke the mood of a misty forest, or shards of igneous rock mirrored in water. Sophisticated and luxurious, this scarf reflects upon the chaotic beauty of nature in a geometric fashion. The pattern originated from an abstract architectural landscape painting by Fernando.


Vogue Taiwan, June 2016, “Paris Indulgence” Editorial.
Photographer: Baard Lunde
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Sarah Cazaneuve
Hair Stylist: Maxime Mace
Makeup Artist: Topolino
MODRA Style scarf styled with Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Emanuel Ungaro, Lucien Wang.

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